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Wilson Combat fits Colt 1911 Recoil Spring Kit – Full-Size for 9mm


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The longest lasting handgun recoil spring made – Our special bullet proof flat wire chrome-silicon spring and standard length guide rod is now available as a drop-in assembly for your 5” 1911 pistol. This 15 pound spring is the ideal weight for standard velocity 38 Super/9mm +P loads – our testing has indicated that these springs have a service life up to ten times greater than conventional coil springs.

Improves Cycling and Overall Operation
Improved Recoil Spring Life
Recoil Spring Guide Machined from Barstock
.250″ Rod Diameter
15# Flat-Wire Recoil Spring
Compatible with Standard Recoil Spring Plug
Compatible with Shok-Buff® Recoil Buffers
CAUTION: Safety glasses should be worn at all times when replacing or working with firearm springs. Failure to follow this safety precaution could result in bodily injury.

Package Includes: Recoil Spring Guide, 15# Flat-Wire Recoil Spring, Shok-Buff

1) Is the flat wire spring compatible with a full length guide rod?
Yes-Only with the full length flat wire guide rod (#25GRFW). The inner diameter of the flat wire spring is smaller than a conventional round wire spring requiring a flat wire specific guide rod.

2) Is a Shok Buff required?
A Shok-Buff is included but optional on the 5” flatwire guide rod. It is not recommended for use on the 4” kit since it can reduce slide travel.

3) Can I shoot +P ammunition with this kit?
Yes-since flat wire springs don’t lose their length over time like round wire springs they cushion your frame more effectively over time. Flat wire springs also compress in a more linear fashion which makes them more tolerant of a wider variety of loads and grips.

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