Tips from Taran Butler on how to shoot like John Wick

     Now Keanu Reeves may have been born awesome but he wasn’t born awesome at guns someone had to help him get there and many of you already know who that is that is Taran Butler of Taran tactical innovations just outside of Los Angeles California. Taran is the de-facto trainer to the stars whenever it comes to guns so people saw John wick and asked how “could I learn to shoot like that?” well it’s really easy just hop on a plane to LA and train Taran Tactical Innovations and the man the myth the legend Taran Butler.
Tips from Taran Butler #1.  from the draw “drive the gun straight out ” I want to get a bullet from this barrel into that target as fast as a possible so if I come up and I go pass where I want to go up into the air and come back down and doink fire, I just kind of waste. it like trying to dive into the garage of my house, I don’t wanna go passing out to the 7-eleven and back. It looks bitchin, you know various reasons but it doesn’t help me get into the garage. drive out straight I think of it as like a big Conan sword and you drive it to the stomach.
Tips from Taran Butler #2 “Have a good draw”  When I want a good draw I have two types when I want a real serious draw, I kind of push into the gun a little bit. I’m not going I’m just come up,  pushing down against the holster puts me in a higher grip on the gun, then left hands coming underneath to kind of scoop and lift it up and drive out and tighten up and squeeze. keep your thumb kind of sticking up. we have a little cut here called the accelerator cut,  so you want to try to hit that ledge there. what’s going on in the last you know maybe five or six years of shooting kind of maxed out all the little tricks, between Bob Bogle and Rob Latham and all these legends and everybody shooting and all that so the grip going back to the 80s you know it was elbows locked out. then realizing little shock absorber in there elbows.  they had their hand kind of down now we’re kind of rolling up more now. think of the left hand kind of like it’s a relay this is a baton and it’s gonna be easier if your hand is kind of getting about right in here versus you’re out so fast you like slow too how do you want to drop the baton today at the last four Olympics so so the baton is waiting in front they’re gonna get it every time.
I’m not saying to get in front of the gun but you’re gonna meet low and drive that joint into the tree regard that’s your landmark to roll up in there that’ll also come in at play when we do reloads so you want to get higher. that little accelerator cut there kind of locks you in place so when I’m training people I tell them when you draw bring that left hand in try to get this joint here hit or anything regarding candle is your landmark. then you roll your thumb up into that ledge there and that gets you that higher grip what that does is you always shoot today you double tap all kind of crazy stuff when your grip is kind of low and soft the double tap hits will be spread out yeah I miss you all over the place when you consciously get that grip locked in there like that your pairs will be closer together and that’s just a difference. so when you’re shooting you want less misses you’re trying to control the muzzle of this gun.
Tips from Taran Butler #3 Draw and look out at the front sight with a target as contrast in the background. staring at the A zone, A zone in a competition is the part of the target you want to shoot. drive your draw a little quicker and put more focus on that green dot that is everything, but also seeing inside your rear site don’t let that rear be forgotten.