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Do you have a least order quantity?
We do not have a least order quantity. You may order as much or as little as you want.

Do you offer large quantity discounts?
Yes, but on a limited number of items. Discounted pricing is not available through our website. Please contact our Quote Department at 585-615-1561.

What major credit cards do you accept?
We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. Fill out the payment information on your order. You will need to provide the following information. You will need credit card number, expired date, security code, and the full name of the person the card belongs to.

How long will my order take to get to me?
UPS ground-delivery time ranges from 3-5 business days. Rush orders placed by 11am EST, will ship the same day via UPS Next Day, or 2nd Day Air.
Standard Mail through USPS can take 5-7 business days depending on your mail service.
Catalogs ship bulk mail, and usually take approximately two weeks for delivery.

May I have my order shipped to a different address other than my own?
Yes.  What if the different shipping address is a one-time address only. Enter the complete name, street address, city, state, and zip code on Step 1 of the Checkout process.


What magazine can I use my base pads on?
Each base pad is now designed to work with the magazine listed in the product description. Because of variations even within the same brand, multi-platform compatibility is not guaranteed. Most times we cannot design these.
What does “will add a cant” mean when applied to utilizing Glock 9/40 +5/6 base pads on the Glock 19 or 23?
The cant is now created by this base pad not following the angle of the grip. As it does with the designed firearms it works with.  This extension when installed, for example, on a Glock 19 magazine. It creates two different angles inside the magazine.  This change in angle can cause spring to not compress in a straight line. This may result in loss of capacity or a malfunction.  We recommend only using Taran Tactical base pads with the magazine designed for it.
How do I install TTI base pads?
Remove the original base plate from the magazine as recommended by the manufacturer. Inside the magazine you may find a plastic or metal piece or insert at the bottom of the magazine spring. Remove this insert and do not install it with our base pads. It will result in reduced capacity and can cause malfunctions. What to do when a magazine spring provides the base pad? Reuse the original magazine follower and install it on the new springs. Slide the follower and spring into the magazine body. Do this with the follower facing the same direction as with the original spring. Press the base pad’s retention pin down. This protrudes only from the bottom of the base pad. It is flush with surface where the base pad slides on to the magazine. Depress the spring into the magazine body. Slide the base pad on to the magazine body and let the spring settle into the base pad. Press the retention pin until it is flush with the bottom of the base pad and your magazine is ready to use.
The pin set screws are set with Loctite® at the specific tension we recommend. It will generally never need a fix. Tightening the base pad screw is not recommended. This may be difficult because the screw is set with Loctite®. Trying to force the set screw to turn could result in stripping the screw. We do not warranty base pads for stripped heads on set screws.
Can I use a Glock 43 base pad with a grip plug ?
The Glock 43 base pad does not work with a grip plug installed.
What is the difference between Black and Flat Black?
Base pads that categorize as Flat Black are sand blasted to achieve a “flat” or “matted” look and texture before they get anodized. The regular Black base pads anodize over billet aluminum so they have a slight sheen to them.

If you have a Remington 700, 721, 722 or 40x, you can determine whether your mount is a short or long action based upon what the gun is chambered in.

Remington 700, 722, & 40x Short Action (SA):
17 Rem
220 Swift
257 Roberts
260 Remington
7mm and 300 SA Ultra-Mag

Remington 700, 721, & 40x Long Action (LA):
264 Rem Mag
7mm Mag
300 Win Mag
8mm Mag
338 Win Mag
338 Lapua (recommend HD rail)
375 H&H

If you have a Remington 788, you can determine whether your mount is a standard or long action based upon what the gun is chambered in. Remington 788 – Standard Action:

Remington 788 – Long Action (LA):

Our Winchester 70 Standard (Long) Action mount fits the following:
All Pre 64 Winchesters except H&H

Post 64 Winchesters except guns chambered in the following:
Winchester 70 – Short Action (SA) (These are Post 64):

Winchester 70 – Winchester Short Magnum (WSM):
Post 64 in the WSM calibers

Winchester 70 – Winchester Super Short Magnum (WSSM):
Post 64s in the WSSM calibers

Browning A-Bolt:
Standard (Std) – All early guns.
Browning A-Bolt – Short action (SA)

Browning A-Bolt – Winchester Super Short Magnum (WSSM)

Savage (Pre Accu-Trigger):
Flat back receivers were made in 3 different lengths until 2003.
*To be sure, you must measure your center screw spread.
Savage Flat Back – Short Action (SA) – 3.925”
Savage Flat Back – Medium Action – 4.190”
Savage Flat Back – Long action (LA) – 4.612”

Savage (With Accu-Trigger):
Round back, guns with accu-trigger after 2003 to date except Edge/Axis.

Short Action (SA):
Any two-digit model number beginning with a 1 (10, 12, etc.)

Long Action (LA):
300 Win Mag
Any three-digit model number beginning with a 1 (110, 111, etc.)

We want to help speed up your shipment and to ensure accuracy of your information. We recommend you make all purchases via our online store. Have any questions or inquiries about any of our products, services or inventory? Feel free to email. If you do not receive an answer within one business day, feel free to call 585-615-1561.

All orders for in-stock items will ship within 3-5 business days of the date of sale. This is upon receipt of cleared payment. Exceptions: expedited shipping requested, custom bushings, custom drill.
Expedited shipping will ship same business day. This is if the order received is before 12 noon of that business day.
Orders placed over a weekend needing expedited shipping will ship the next business day.
The Sporting Jack offers a variety of shipping methods. Please pick the appropriate shipping method at checkout that best suits your needs:

USPS Global Priority (Insured) – In stock items will ship within 3 business days of date of sale. Please allow at least 3 weeks for receipt once item has shipped. All international orders must total less than $500.00. We cannot ship sights, frames, barrels, ignition parts, or AR parts outside of the United States. Due to a high volume of lost/undelivered packages, we are only able to ship items overseas if the parcel is then insured.

What if you receive your order and it is incorrect? Items may return up to thirty days after the date of sale for a full refund of the cost of the part. Items returned after 30 days are eligible for an exchange only. Items more than 60 days after the date of sale are non-refundable / non-exchangeable.

We will not refund shipping costs for any order.

We will issue a full refund will on eligible orders, as long as the item is not marked, marred, or modified in any way. We will not accept scope mounts back if they have ring or Loctite marks on them.

Returned items do not have to be in the original packaging. But, all parts of the item must return in order for a refund to process. If an item returned and has components missing, we will adjust your refund.

Refunds will issue within 3-5 business days after we receive the return. Refund is then processed via the method of payment that you used for the original sale.

If you receive your order and the incorrect item sent is due to an error on our part, we will email a FedEx return label . Once the FedEx scans the item, notify us that the incorrect item is being returned. We will then send out the correct part. Please contact us and have your online order ID or invoice number ready when you call.  What if you ordered the incorrect part and you wish to exchange it within 60 days of the date of sale? You will need to send the item into our office with a copy of your invoice. Also include the part number for the part that you wish to make the exchange for. Once we receive the item, we are happy to exchange the item for you. Please contact us by telephone at 585-615-1561. if you are unsure which part you will need. You will be responsible for all shipping costs associated with the exchange.
All returns must be new, unused, uninstalled and in original packaging within 30 days of sale. 30 days is now adhered to. All returns will issue a gift certificate for the value paid for the product. If you choose you can request a 20% restocking fee and a credit card refund. Any return without this request is now issued as a gift certificate. Send the product back that meets these guidelines with our return form and a copy of the invoice. You can print a copy by logging into your account. Once it passes inspection we will process it.
We also offer a Speedy Exchange if you need to exchange product for product of equal or greater value. We ship you the new order immediately. We charge you for the order and the return label we send for your exchange. We need to receive the product back and in the new, unused, original packaging condition. We will then refund you for the returned items. Max refund is the exchanged product, we will apply left over balance to a gift certificate. If the card used is American express we deduct 3.5% from the refund amount since AmEx does charge us 3.5% even on refunds. If you don’t want to pay the 3.5% then send the product back for a gift certificate to apply to the new order.
The manufacturer handles all warranty issues. We will be glad to help with your issue by providing information to both parties. This achieves the most efficient resolution to the issue. Any package returned non-deliverable is a return and treated as so. UPS charges return shipping for non-deliverable packages. We apply these to the order before we handle the balance.  Any returned item that had free shipping on it will have the shipping charge applied before the return processes. Free shipping is only if you keep the item.
Many of our items we classify as Gun Parts. There are many enforced rules that go along with these parts.
A Gun Part is “any item necessary to the operation of a weapon”.
Electronic Export Information, EEI
• An EEI is required for all gun part orders and export license orders.
Export License Fees
• An Export License is required for all Gun Part orders exceeding $100 (U.S.).
• We issue export licenses by the U.S. State Department and may take between 30 and 40 days to receive. We need an Export License for each order that meets the criteria. As set by the International Traffic In Arms Regulations, ITAR.
If the value of your order requires The Sporting Jack to apply for an export license there will be an extra charge of $250. Unless the value of the order is greater than $5,000.00 to reimburse us for United States State Department fees. 
WARNING: These products may expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to p65warnings.ca.gov/


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