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1911 Full Size Pistol Grips with USMC in Rosewood


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1911 Full Size Pistol Grips with USMC in Rosewood

Colt 1911 Full Size Pistol Grips in Rosewood

USMC Eagle, Globe and Anchor

A Beautiful Pair of Charcoal Grips 

Full Size

Snakeskin Pattern

  These grips are properly shaped and contoured to improve handling and grip feel for better recoil control. 

They greatly compliment any firearm.
Colors vary from light shades to dark  with contrasting dark lines

DymondWood® is grown in the forests of Vermont, it’s distinguished by unique strength, durability, dimensional stability, and weather and 

moisture resistance as compared to regular wood.

All grips are made in the USA by Americans.

The Sporting Jack Outfitters is Veteran Owned Should you have any questions or issues with your new grips please contact me.

It is my goal to make my customers 100% satisfied with their purchase.

Thank you for your business.


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