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1911 Pistol Grip Screws Stainless Steel Nova Pattern Made in USA


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Colt 1911 Pistol Grips Screws

    These screws fit standard Government, Officer, and Commander 1911 bushings and will give your pistol an extra personalized touch. 
Note: these will NOT fit slimline grips/bushings. 
Items sold in sets of 4. These screws are shipped with hex key and O-rings for proper orientation. 
This product is sold in packages of 4 pieces. Our grip screws and escutcheons are made in the United States on a Swiss screw machine.
     Hex head screws help prevent damage by not allowing the wrench to slip the way slotted screws can
     Machined from: Stainless Steel
     Finish: Stainless Steel 
All products are made in the USA by American Craftsmen.
The Sporting Jack Outfitters is Veteran Owned 

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