Tyrant Designs for Glock 42/43/43X/48 Compatible Sights


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Tyrant Designs for Glock 42/43/43X/48 Compatible Sights

Acquire targets faster and easier with our Tyrant Designs CNC Glock compatible suppressor height and co-witness Sights! Manufactured from 7075 aluminum ( the same tensile strength as steel ) our Glock compatible sights bolster a unique serration AND front side design that allows you to be more accurate and in less than average amount of time. Whether its to clear your suppressor OR to co-witness with any popular red-dot, we offer the highest grade materials with a functional and aesthetic design.

7075 Aluminum

All of our mechanical suppressor height and co-witness sights for Glocks are made from 7075 aluminum, which has a hardness that belittles many steels. This is a zinc alloy known for its reliability, strength, durable nature, and phenomenal corrosion resistance. It is facilitated in products that face high stress, such as in the automotive, aviation, and aerospace industries. The best part of it all is that 7075 aluminum allows us to manufacture our Glock sights without compromise of the design!

Design Engineering

Our products don’t just offer the highest quality performance, but they’re fine-tuned for optimal results with an aesthetic touch. Our sights are serrated, which breaks up glare in any lighting situation, providing an even and uniform vision. The flat matte surface also mutes and dulls cumbersome shine.

Front and Back Alignment

Open sights are all-purpose and resistant to snagging. Plus, they have unparalleled shared fits. The smooth front sights are made with an ideal profile to reduce holster damage. The rear sights have a carefully designed allure to naturally draw the eye forward.

Adding Aftermarket Sights

Enhancing your sights to meet personal preference creates a better situation and offers more benefits for your shooting needs:

Improved comfort whether stationary or mobile
Glare-free daytime shooting
Clean and clear nighttime shooting
Heightened accuracy and shot range
Increased target visibility

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The Sporting Jack. All rights reserved 2022.