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Wilson Combat Full Moon Clip for 9mm S&W M&P 8 Shot Revolvers, Package of 5


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Full moon clips allow faster speed reloads/unloading than traditional speed loaders and are less bulky.

Hold 8 Rounds of 9mm or 38 Super Each

Faster Speed Reloads/Unloads

Less Bulky Than Traditional Speed Loaders

Empty Brass Stays Together

Reusable Hundreds of Times

Fits All S&W 8 Shot Revolvers Chambered in 9mm/38 Super (Model 929)

Blue Finish

Package of 5

Full Moon Clips hold eight rounds of 9mm or 38 Super ammo each. These clips allow speed reloads/unloading of Smith & Wesson revolvers chambered in 9mm/38 Super. Faster than a traditional speed loader and less bulky, plus all your empties stay together since the clip ejects with the fired brass. Full Moon Clips are reusable hundreds of times.

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