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The Zev Technologies™ Gen 4 Magazine Release for the Glock®; was designed with an aggressive rearward angle and a non-slip textured face that matches the factory finish of your Gen 4 grip. This Mag release is a drop-in replacement part. Not compatible with Gen3 models.
The Zev Technologies™ Generation 4 Magazine release for the Glock® is constructed from Billet 6061 Aluminum and Mil Spec hard anodized Black.

ZEV Technologies – Extended Mag Release

Color/Material: Black

Fits: Gen 4 and Gen 5

Glock 17C
Glock 17L
Glock 19
Glock 19C
Glock 22
Glock 22C
Glock 23
Glock 23C
Glock 24
Glock 24C
Glock 26
Glock 27
Glock 31
Glock 31C
Glock 32
Glock 32C
Glock 33
Glock 34
Glock 35
Glock 37
Glock 38
Glock 39
*** Will NOT fit Subcompact and Large Framed Glocks! ***

Brand new & factory sealed

Product Description:

The Extended Magazine Release is easy to install and Machined from Billet Aluminum then Hard Anodized. This magazine release is a must for any GLOCK owner.

· CNC Aircraft Quality Billet Aluminum.

· Black Hard Anodize Mag-release body.

· Textured button face.

· Black Hard Anodize button or Silver un-anodized button.

· Drop in replacement.

ZEV Parts always incorporate design, feel and performance.

Kit Content:

• CNC Aircraft Quality Billet Aluminum Magazine release
• Allen Wrench included

Designed for Generation 4
Fits Sub compact, Compact and Small Framed GLOCKs (Does not fit GLOCK36)

Model with same benefits available for Large Frame GLOCKs as well.
It has a checkered non-slip face;for a more tactile engagement surface.

The contact point on the mag release face is ergonomically angled to the rear to allow ease of manipulation in performing magazine changes

The Mag Release takes minutes to install with the use of needle nose pliers and a long shaft, slim, flat head screwdriver.

Note:It is easiest to remove and replace the factory Glock®; Mag-release Catch Spring for the magazine release installation. Then installing it back in its pin position after you remove the factory unit and replace it with the ZEV™ component.

ZEV Parts always incorporate design, feel and performance.

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